aKu aDaLah bULat

aKu aDaLah bULat

teRopoNg gOOgLe

Thursday, June 3

its me? yulp.maybe,sorry.

I`m always looking something that i dream and want,even not fully all i wish,but still happy and appreciate what i`m doing even people like or do not like...i have found that,if u love ur life,life will love u always and the greater pleaseure in life is doing what other say u cannot do..enjoy my life and always keep smile if people looking to me,feel freedom in my life is more important to make other people happy and my self happy. however i never disappointed whatever people do to me, and i never will revenge till my end life..bcoz that is not me and u is my friends and my soul..and hopefully u too..just smile can i give as a friendship gift and love gift.. :)

"i am the shooting star"

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