aKu aDaLah bULat

aKu aDaLah bULat

teRopoNg gOOgLe

Tuesday, February 2

tHe guLz i LoVe~~mY sWeeTguLz~~

hye all~~`
lets me introduce to u one of de gulz in my life dat i love almost...all pict n limit pict by me upload coz to upload all her pict will make me waiting for long time,hahahaha...too many collectin' her pict by me..

okey2....she is Ezzah Ma`ad but i call her by pampered & love name is babygulz...hehehe...and wat she call me let be secret plz.. ;p ngehehehe....bluffff.....i love her too much..we're known each other at year 2005 and i forget de date,(her too)..we are declare as loving couple since 15th february 2006 one day after valentines day every year n she was 19 years dat years...n me too...;p de date are choosen by her not coz of close wif valentine day but one of de reason is de date are date of her birthday and want make it as de memory of love story in her life..all my nite are remember her...i miss u bb...but maybe u all guys think dat i act like i haven't special gf,,its wat u think...but not me...even i juz going to slumber and do as nothing happen around me,my mind still n alwez remember to her...wat i juz want to saying at here...baby..i love u...muahhhhhh.....she one of gulz dat understanding my self dudes!! she know who i am...n wat i want it in my life..sometime she can read wat I've think at de moment....muaaaaxxx........!!! i love her...hope this relationship will stay and stick for a long time....amen..cayunk kamooo......huhuhu....dat only i want to story bout my relationship wif dis my bbgulz..daaa~~~by buLat@ ~teddybaby~ ;)) weee.....

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