aKu aDaLah bULat

aKu aDaLah bULat

teRopoNg gOOgLe

Monday, October 11

do you know why I always think big?

my friend asked, Aboy, why your dreams are so big?
I asked him, what do you mean?
u always think of something that would be great,
and I have a simple answer, (smile)

You must be thinking, so why not think big?
I like to think big. If you are thinking anything, you might as well think big,
and that how I thought I was practical to think big,
and always thinking how to make it real.
and one day, I believe, it will become a reality.
always pray to Allah and try to do something to your idea must be true.

i will walking with something in my head is idea and something that i would be done one day and...today.. :)
and some of you will never know what i am just thinking about.
it is me,and..
Allah only know everything. :)

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