aKu aDaLah bULat

aKu aDaLah bULat

teRopoNg gOOgLe

Thursday, February 12

have you thinking about it today?

zionis damn!

Plzzzz...Keep forwarding this....
Let people know what happens there.

Helping ladies across the street

Providing Childcare

Allowing them a place to rest (permanently)

Access to Health care.

Construction projects (demolition)

my first blog!

this is my first blog. "just a dream: means that to gain all my dream became true one day. the blog created bcoz i m looking friends to share their and my experience no matter in any situation or condition especially in business,life,sweet and bad memories,suggestion . my dream is to became one of the success businessman in malaysia. my hope. amin... ;) you are welcome to my blog to read and comment about what happen to the world today as political,global issue,world war,business today and latest,love,missing and about world and your life. anything you want to share or read is welcome. lets we all be friends in this world without boarder.

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